Lead Generation Quizzes

  • Cut your cost per lead in half 
  • Skyrocket engagement from your visitors
  • Segment contacts and send tailored follow up campaigns
  • Present personalized offers that explode your conversions
  •  Understand exactly what your audience wants and give them more of it
  • Use the Quiz insights to create better marketing camapigns and product positioning
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The Psychology Behind Lead Generation Quizzes

Or why they convert 30%+ of quiz takers to qualified leads

Quizzes are unique because they have nothing to do with your skill level or ability to run a paid advertising campaigns.

Those things can help but the true power behind quizzes is based in human psychology. 

A psychologist based in Atlanta Georgia, Dr. Robert Simmermon, specializes in media psychology and states that personality quizzes utilize the principle of narrative psychology. 

“[in reference to quizzes] It goes into our own ongoing developing narrative and gives it some credence of ourselves as heroes of our own story.”

As we grow and develop, each one of us develops a sense of who we are and who we aren't. 

These beliefs are deeply ingrained and affect how we interact with the world around us. 

A quiz reinforces the sense of self whether that sense is grounded in facts or not by tapping into narrative psychology and advancing the internal narrative a prospect is already having. 

Pound for pound, the conversion rates are much higher than those of other lead generation devices

  • 15x higher than popups
  • 5x higher than landing pages
  • 10x higher than banner ads

All of the Features you need for effective lead generation quizzes

Fully customizable 

Make the quizzes yours and deliver a branded experience to your visitors while turning them into engaged leads. 

Segment contacts

Every one that visits your website has a slightly different goal and intention. Segment them based on the way they answer quizzes and present the perfect next steps. 

Personalized offers

One size fits all offers are no longer effective. Take the information your prospects give you while taking the quiz to present the perfect offer for their specific situation. 

Tailored follow up campaigns

Segment contacts in your email marketing service & create tailored sequences that speak to their pains. Present your offers as the solution to those problems and watch your conversion rates rise. 

GDPR compliant

We've got your back to make sure all your quizzes are compliant with the law so you can focus on generating leads and turning them into customers.

Multiple answer types 

Switch it up and keep your prospects engaged by presenting multiple answer types like text and image answers with more coming soon.

Features you need to make the ideal lead generation quiz

  • Customizable start page that matches your brand
  • Custom outcomes or redirects to specific page to keep your new leads engaged
  • Lead capture forms that appear at the right time and help you turn over 30% of quiz takers into contacts
  • Short and relevant questions that cut through the noise and help you get the information you need while simultaneously helping the quiz taker find out more about themselves
  • View all the quiz features KyLeads brings to the table by clicking this link

See it in action

What can you do with a well designed lead generation quiz?

  • Build an audience of superfans
  • Generate instant revenue by presenting personalized offers
  • Create funnels that speak to their specific pain points and convert much higher than the 2% average
  • Make a fun experience that people are happy to share with their friends and audience
  • Tap into narrative psychology and build the right buying beliefs from the first interaction
  • Qualify audiences that come from different traffic sources before passing them off to the sales team or starting a sales automation sequence