Slide-in Forms to Grow Your List

Build your list with minimally intrusive yet effective slide-ins

Some visitors dislike being interrupted – they really dislike it. It’s important to ask yourself what kind of balance you want to strike between business goals and user experience on your website.

The KyLeads slide-in forms popup type are a great way to achieve the ideal balance. They give you an opportunity to present an offer to people who want it while not annoying those who are uninterested.

The slide-in forms show up at the bottom right corner or the bottom left corner as people scroll down the screen on desktop. On mobile, they take up the bottom half or third of the screen depending on how much text you use in the headline and subheadline.

When a visitor clicks the “x” button, it doesn’t disappear completely. Instead, it gets minimized and acts as a sticky element. If someone changes their mind later, they can always come back and open it.

Combined with other triggers, it becomes a powerful way to engage the right people at the right time. Test using it with scroll trigger and timed trigger.

That way, it won’t appear when a skimmer scrolls all the way down the page because they’ve not been around long enough. At the same time, you prevent it from showing too early for engaged readers.

Different ways to use the slide-in forms

You can use the slide-in forms in many different ways which include but aren’t limited to:

  • Announcing a new product or service
  • As a content upgrade for specific blog articles
  • Show content that’s closely related or has been proven to convert for you
  • An easy way to collect feedback or segment users without interrupting them
  • Slash cart abandonment by showing an offer or discount code at the right time

Of course, you’re able to customize every aspect of the slide in scroll boxes to meet your needs and match your brand. Change everything from the imagery and background colors to make it your own and increase engagement.

Let’s talk about targeting options for slide-in forms

The reason why KyLeads slide-in forms are so powerful is that they don’t interrupt the reading experience but they’re still noticeable.

A visitor can continue to interact with your content even if the popups are visible on the page.

Combine the trigger options discussed earlier on this page with versatile targeting options like page-level targeting or even UTM parameters. Not only will engaged visitors see it, but they’ll also see hyper-targeted versions of your slide-in forms.

Take it a step further by combining the slide-in forms with lightbox and modal popups to get the most out of your efforts.

The KyLeads slide-in forms integrate deeply and easily with the major email marketing services so you can automatically pass your data back to your tool of choice and immediately begin the follow-up process.