Custom Thank You Screen and Success Redirects

Continue the conversatio the right way and get closer to your ultimate goal

The KyLeads custom success message or thank you page gives you granular control over what happens after someone opt-ins in through a popup or inline form or even a quiz.

Take advantage of them to encourage brand new subscribers and leads to continue interacting with your brand and move closer to your main objective.

Consider it an intermediate step that you can use to encourage people to follow you on social media, give them instructions about whitelisting the email you use to communicate with subscribers, or further share your brand personality.

Custom thank you page for bloggers and publishers

One of the best ways to use this as a blogger or publisher is to provide a link that’ll allow your subscribers to download their lead magnet immediately.

Subscribers appreciate it when they’re able to get what they signed up for without jumping through hoops. At the same time, it establishes your brand as one that keeps its promises.

Another way to take advantage of the custom message is to get them to take the next step in your funnel. For example, if you want to get people to buy an Ebook as part of your funnel then you can shed light on it here and then give them an opportunity to learn more about it.

If you know people consume specific pieces of content before making a purchase or you have specific pages that tend to yield a lot of profit you can use the custom message to drive traffic to it.

Present a thank you message then share the link to your content or category page so they can dive deeper into your content.

Custom thank you page for agencies and consultants

As an agency or a consultant, you tend to have different needs from those of a publisher or a blogger. Instead of a hands-off approach and selling relatively inexpensive products or one-off products, your interactions are built on relationships.

Relationships with clients don’t start until you’re able to talk to them in person or over the phone.

Use the custom thank you page to reinforce how signing up was a good decision then add a call-to-action that moves them closer to booking a call with you. That may be to show them your case studies or you can explain why booking a call with you is a good idea in the first place.

eCommerce companies

One of the most powerful things you can do an eCommerce brand is to customize and personalize almost every single touchpoint for your buyers. It’s a world with too much choice so the company that can make it easier for consumers wins.

With the custom thank you pages and messages, you’re able to present relevant offers to your subscribers and increase the chances of them buying from you (or buying more).

For example, if someone just took a “what kind of jeans are perfect for you” quiz, you can show them the ideal jeans for them and present them with it to purchase right now.

You can even make it more appealing by offering a slight discount. Since they’ve already given you their email address, you can also follow up with them if they don’t buy immediately.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Ready to grow your sales from your subscribers and leads?