Email Marketing ROI Calculator

Calculate Your Email Marketing ROI

Understand the metrics you need to build a profitable email marketing campaign.

What are the most important metrics in your email campaigns, what do you need to focus on to move the needle? Should you optimize for conversion rates, open rates, or sales value? With our calculator, it’s easy to figure out and understand the most important email marketing metrics to ensure a positive ROI.

List Size

(The number of active contacts you have on your mailing list)

0 Monthly Sends

Monthly Email Frequency

(The number times you email you send out to your entire list every month. If it’s weekly then the number is 4. If it’s bi – weekly then the number is 2)

0 Total Open

Conversion Rate

(The percentage of people, on average, that purchase after clicking on a link in your email)

0 Total Clicks

Open Rate

(The percentage of people, on average, that open your emails)

0 Total Conversion

Click Through Rate

(The percentage of people, on average, that click on links in your email)

$0 Total Revenue

Average Value of a conversion

(How much will you make when someone purchases from you. Think about your average order value or lifetime value to arrive at this figure)

$0 Profit

Total Cost

(The total expenses incurred before a sale is made. This includes marketing expenses, salaries, and email marketing service expenses)

0 Conversion To Break Even

0% Return On Investment