Lightbox and Modal Popups

Grab your visitors attention and turn them into engaged subscribers

Many people say many things about popups but there’s no denying that they’re an incredibly effective way to grow your mailing list and generate leads.

On average, when websites first implement lightbox and modal popups they can see a 400%+ increase in lead conversion rates.

KyLeads' powerful popups give you the ability to deliver the right messages to visitors at the right time for maximum leads and engagement.

Modal and lightbox popups are different from inline forms and sidebar forms because they force your visitors to make a decision. Sidebars suffer from banner blindness and often have conversion rates well below 1% even if they’re highly targeted.

With lightbox popups, the visitor either interacts with the message and offer or they close it out. No one can say they didn’t see it and distractions are reduced to the bare minimum because the popup sits on top of the page and, depending on your preferences, blurs it out.

That’s why they increase conversions so much.

Popup example

They’re front and center while blocking out all distractions. When they’re coupled with targeted messages based on things like the referral source of the content they’re interacting with, your conversion rate goes through the roof.

Targeting and timing with lightbox popups

Though they’re powerful on their own, the right timing and targeting can make lightbox popups even more effective. If they’re triggered at the wrong time, you may annoy visitors or people may have already left the page before seeing it.

KyLeads allows you to get granular with your targeting options. Page-level targeting, time interval, exit trigger, and more are available so you can show your messages to the right people when they’re most likely to convert.

In addition to selecting which pages a visitor needs to visit or criteria they need to meet, you have an extra level of control with popup triggers. Should someone have visited multiple pages, clicked on a certain link, etc. before showing the popups?

You get to choose.

This is beneficial for everyone from agencies to publishers and eCommerce brands.

If you’re an agency or that invests in content for a blog or high-quality pages, you can show specific popups on those pages as a type of content upgrade and increase the likelihood that people will convert.

As an eCommerce brand, you’re able to target people who may be in the process of abandoning the cart. Stop them from leaving with a timely offer like a discount or free shipping.

It gets even better with features like UTM parameter targeting. If you’re running different ad campaigns or sharing your website on multiple platforms and sending people to the same page, you can show a different popup based on the parameter in the URL.

People from Facebook see one message while people from Google ads see a different one. Your messages are always tailored to the audience that’s seeing it.

Design it however you want

KyLeads has dozens of professionally designed templates for you to choose from. You’re able to start with a template, take it apart, and put it back together so it aligns perfectly with your brand.

Design is a competitive advantage and KyLeads won’t hold you back in that department. The editing interface allows you to change everything from the background colors to the fonts displayed for your visitors.

It also gives you control of all the imagery you’ll use, GDPR and privacy text, as well as button colors and appearance. You can truly make it your own within a few minutes. No code is needed – ever.

The same goes for mobile popups. You have full control of every aspect and can even choose to set up mobile-only lead forms to maximize conversions.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility or design issues either. KyLeads works on all the major CMS and landing page builders from Unbounce to WordPress. All you have to do is click a few buttons and start generating more leads for your business.