Drive Visitors to the Right Pages and Increase Sales

Direct traffic to your sales pages, new arrivals, or epic blog posts to get engagment or produce revenue from the pages that matter

Not every form you make needs to capture leads. For those times when you want to send people to specific pages, take advantage of the KyLeads traffic redirect feature. 

Send visitors to any page whether it's on your website or a third party website. Use it to promote products, events, new offers, or even your social media accounts. 

Show the Right Message At The Right Time With Detailed Targeting

The KyLeads targeting engine lets you show only the most relevant messages to your visitors and send them to the right pages

  • Page level targeting
  • Referral URL parameter detection
  • Custom display rules

Create Beautiful Optimized Forms That Convert

We've removed a lot of the guesswork. Use KyLeads templates as a starting point then make them all yours. 

  • Customize every aspect of your forms
  • Different form types to meet your needs
  • Dozens of templates to choose from

Split Test Your Forms So Real Data Drives Your Decisions

Our powerful A/B testing engine makes it simple to test all your ideas and find the winners. 

  • Simple yet insightful reports
  • Focus on what matters and leave the rest
  • Use the data to improve over time