Make Engaging Quizzes To Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Create unique experiences to engage yoru audience while getting the insights you need to segment visitors, tailor your messaging, and generate quality leads for your business 

Generate qualified leads

Not all leads are created equally. Segment new contacts and send them tailored nurturing sequences until they're ready to buy or talk to your sales team

Personalize offers for each visitor

Quizzes help you gather insights about about what your contacts want and care about. Use that information to present tailored offers and increase conversions 

Get a deeper understanding of your customers

Learn how your customers feels about specific topics, their personal situation, or even things like gender and use that information to improve your marketing and ad targeting

Beautiful, Easy, And On Brand

Prebuilt Templates

You may be brand new to this whole interactive quiz thing. We’re not. We’ve developed templates for our online quiz maker that you can tweak to your situation and hit the ground running.

You don’t have to research for hours and come up with witty & relevant questions. It’s already been done. All you have to do is reap the rewards. Check out live examples of quiz templates.

quiz templates

Intuitive Quiz Builder and Custom Start Page

We know how it feels to click around in a piece of software and not understand what to do next. Once you’re in your account, it’s a simple as clicking a few buttons, selecting a few options, and setting up a custom start page so you make a great first impression. 

Fully Customizable 

Your brand is, well, yours. We get that and will never be a barrier to how you present yourself. You have complete control of how your quizzes are presented to the world and we don't limit that based on how much you pay us.             

Testing And Data For The Win

A/B Testing That Works

How do you know if a headline is going to resonate with your users? Or if you can improve conversions on the contact submission page? You don’t until you test it. Use our A/B testing engine to test everything, take the best, and see your conversion rates rise over time. 


Useful Reports


You can’t make the right decision without the right data. Access easy-to-understand reports that let you know where you should be focusing your time and energy.


Embed It Anywhere

You shouldn’t be limited to a few choice spots for where you place your interactive quiz. You also shouldn’t be required to put it on a dedicated page. 


Sometimes, it’s difficult to get people to that place anyways. Other times, your visitors are so deep into what they’re reading or watching they’ll resent being interrupted. That’s OK. With inline embeds, you can place your quiz right in the content (or anywhere really).


But Wait, There's More (Always wanted to say that)

Customize The Results & Present Personlized Offers

Each quiz taker gave different answers. Their results should reflect that. Create as many outcomes as you want to wow them and let them know it’s based on their answers. Present personalized offers and increase your sales revenue.

Redirect on Completion

Do you want to send the people who just took your quiz to a specific place on your website? Redirect them to a custom page based on the results they got.

There, you can go deep into what their results mean, introduce them to the perfect offer, or push them further down your funnel.     


Customizable Lead Capture Forms

Sometimes is glaringly obvious why people should sign up. Other times, you need to do a bit more convincing. Customize your lead capture forms to get the information you need to follow up with your contacts in a way that makes sense for both of you. Save yourself countless hours by prequalifying the people interacting with your brand. 


Segmentation Made Easy

Add people to a list in your email marketing service or tag them in your CRM depending on the way they answered your quiz questions. Send tailored follow up sequences, move them further down your funnel, and see your revenue jump.


Ready to 10x Your Lead Conversion Rate?