Helping You Achieve Success With Simple Conversion Optimization & Customer Experience Tools. That Is All. 

Let's Start With Why

Normally, we’d tell you we want to change the world with our software or how we’ve consumed a few hundred cups of coffee or that the vision for KyLeads was something our founder nursed for years before he could make it all a reality.

While that makes for a better sounding “why”, we’re not nearly altruistic enough. We know customer experience and conversion optimization software isn’t going to change the world. 

It may empower the company that will.

We’re not here for the thousand employee corporation.

We don’t bat an eye when an enterprise customer comes calling.

We’re not fighting for the business of “the largest marketing agency on The East Coast.” Those are fringe benefits.

KyLeads was built to level the playing field.

There’s always been a divide between the big businesses and the small businesses. They’ve had access to more data, more talent, and more tools. 


In the past, it made sense. These things were expensive, talent was hard to find, data was difficult to analyze, and the solutions were complex.  


Those truths no longer apply. We’re not in the past. 

KyLeads was envisioned by Daniel Ndukwu, an entreprener who believes deeply in the power of breaking the mold.



KyLeads was created by developers who hate complexity where there should be simplicity. 


We’ve merged power, simplicity, and proven psychological principles to give you the best conversion and customer experience tools to grow your business.

- Popups and opt-in forms

- Quizzes

- Surveys and feedback polls

- Conversion funnel analytics

When you choose KyLeads, you’re choosing a conversion optimization and customer experience platform that gives you actionable data and doesn’t require a four year degree to operate. 


Beyond that, you’ve tapped into a team that considers you more than a customer. We look at you as partner who we learn from and educate while we're on the journey together.

We don't use dark patterns.

We frown on grey hat growth strategies.

We're championing you - our fellow humans. 


We’re a software company – agreed. At our core, we’re just a group of people who want to lend a hand. We believe firmly in the piece of wisdom that says, 

“If you want to become successful, just help a bunch of other people do it.”


That translates to us going beyond just making great software. That’s a prerequisite, not a goal. The real goal is to empower our customers and community to reach their goals. To be - for lack of a better word - great


On our blog – Optimizing For Humans – you’ll find content focused on culture, our personal business experiences, hiring, humanity in business, and everything in between. 


In line with that philosophy, we invest in three things. 


1.       Our product. The first step in making you successful is giving you the best tools possible. That means we constantly work on and develop the products you’ve invested in. 


2.       Our people. A team is only as good as the worst person on it. Early on, we decided to work with nothing but the best. 


3.       Our Customers. Without you, there is no us. Period. 

Dedication. We're dedicated to our product, team, and customers. There will always be challenges. With dedication, we know they can be overcome. 

Innovation. We're a software company. without innovation, we're dead in the water. Every day, we push the boundaries of what we think is possible and take you along for the ride. 

Clarity. Major Key (Dj Khaled's voice). The most important thing is communication. We share ideas with team members, customers, and stake holders. We owe it to them to be clear over clever. When it doubt, say it again. 

Listen.   We're nothing without feedback so we take it seriously. It's what opens the road to innovation and success. Tell us what you want. We're listening. 

Figure it out.   We encourage our people to figure it out because no one has all the answers. You'll be challenged but that's by no means a bad thing. We don't look to the resident guru for novel solutions. answers. We figure it out and it's OK if that takes longer than a week or a quarter. 

Speed.   The world of business is moving fast and that's even more apparent in our market. New innovations are always coming out. Our goal isn't to always be the first to market. Instead, when we make decions, we execute on it quickly so you always have the latest tools at your disposal. 

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