Welcome Gates and Full-Screen Takeovers

Grab your visitors attention and show them your best offers to boost conversions

The stats for returning visitors are abysmal.

If you’ve established a new website without a brand, more than 90% of your visitors will leave and never return.

If you have a more established brand then you can expect that number to be a bit better with 70%+ of your visitors leaving never to return.

In both cases, we can do better. In fact, we have to do better if growing your brand is even remotely important.

That’s where welcome gates and full-screen takeovers come in. The KyLeads welcome gate helps you get visitor's attention as soon as they land on your page. They’re different from lightbox popups or slide-ins because they take over the whole screen. Your visitors have no choice but to engage with it.

This simple act alone – commanding the attention of your visitors – can increase conversions by 100% or more.

Why is the welcome gate so powerful?

Websites, by design, have many paths a user can take. The full-screen takeover helps you focus a visitor’s attention on the most important offer you have before they can get distracted, leave, or interact with something else.

While there are countless ways to use the full-screen takeovers, here are some of the most effective methods:

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Present a targeted offer to visitors
  • Direct people to specific pages on (or off) your website
  • Grow your social media profiles
  • Drive trial sign ups or purchases
  • Highlight your best content and gain new fans
  • Generate email subscribers at double the standard conversion rate

Standard welcome gates or full-screen takeovers work by introducing an intermediate page before the true content. This can hurt SEO and have a negative impact on the user experience leading to poor rankings and a higher bounce rate.

Our welcome gate popups don’t use a redirect chain. Instead, they appear above the content of the page. If a visitor isn’t interested, they can just exit out if they’re not interested and interact with the content they’re interested in.

Display rules you’ll love

Welcome gate popups appear as soon as someone lands on your website but you don’t always want them to show up. Some pages have a different focus or wouldn’t lend themselves to a welcome gate.

KyLeads' page-level targeting lets you specify the exact page the welcome gate will display on. You can get even more granular by deciding which URL parameter or referral source will trigger the popups. That way, you can be sure you’re sharing targeted offers with the right people.

If you don’t want to show a welcome gate as soon as someone lands on your page, you have the option of delaying its appearance until your visitor scrolls down the page by a certain percentage.

Combine these targeting options with a time trigger to maximize the effects of your popups.

Once someone has subscribed, you don’t have to worry about showing them the same popup again.

KyLeads lets you set the time between when someone opts in and when they see the same popup. That can be one day or ten years – the choice is yours.

Integrate the welcome gate and full-screen takeover forms with your favorite email marketing service or CRM. Route new contacts directly into your system, trigger a double opt-in confirmation, or start a welcome sequence to nurture and qualify your new contacts.

Ready to take your conversions up a notch with a full-screen takeover and welcome gates?