Vegan Pho Hanoi

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Fragrant vegetarian noodle soup

Speaking of Vietnamese pho, people will immediately think of some famous dishes such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup or meat noodle soup. In recent years, especially in the holiday season, Vietnamese people often choose to eat vegan. In Pho, they also adapt this style and have new dish, which is vegetarian pho. Vegan Pho Hanoi

vegan Pho Hanoi

Unlike many other vegetarian dishes that are light and simple. Vegetarian pho has a special taste that not inferior to conventional pho.

Vietnamese vegetarian pho is transformed from Ha Pho. The dish is famous for people all over the country, as well as foreign visitors who have the opportunity to visit the capital.

Although having the new appearance, vegetarian pho is still very popular because of its simplicity, unique flavor. Also the sweetness of broth gets flavored with spices. Another reason for choosing vegetarian pho is because it is made entirely from plants. Vegan Pho Hanoi

Like other noodles, vegan Pho Hanoi soup is the most important. When it comes to chicken noodle, chicken noodle soup is made from bones, pork ​with a pot of water. For vegetarian noodles version, they replace the ingredients with sugarcane, aniseed, white radish or other herbs. Vegetables bring sweet taste. To attract more, people use other popular spices such as main noodles, pepper and so on.

vegan Pho Hanoi

Also from the use of raw materials, the dish is completely vegetative. When processing this dish, cook should note the time for water conservation. To noodle ( keep medium or low fire) the cook needs experience in pho processing. Generally, it takes less time to make a pot of water for vegetarian rice noodle than other noodles its alternative.

Each person has a hobby and habit of using vegetarian pho. The processing material is also very flexible. Common seasonings include scallions, coriander (cinnamon), ginger, pepper, anise; in combination with mushroom (or straw mushroom), tamarind, fresh chilli (spicy or sweet). For vegetarians who are not quite familiar with vegan style, vegetarian chicken is also available.

Each ingredient, with a certain percentage, will be processing to have aromatic noodle and natural sweet. Also, white rice noodles are dipped in quickly. About two to three minutes is enough to complete an attractive vegetarian pho.

A pot of vegetarian noodle soup is cooked in the color of clear, fragrant and fresh sweet, especially from the vegetables. Vegan Pho Hanoi In modern society, not only housewives want to make vegetarian pho to prevent illness for their family members, but there are also many restaurants and hotels that put this dish on the main menu. Vegan Pho Hanoi

Indeed, the more developed the society, more attractive dishes. People want to find the simple but gentle, attractive as well as nutritious vegetarian. Pho comes as a great choice.

Many popular vegetarian restaurants, rich food and warm space, are perfect for diners, family, friends or colleagues. We suggest few restaurants below. Vegan Pho Hanoi

vegan Pho Hanoi

Minh Tam Vegetarian Restaurant: Minh Tam Restaurant is located in Xa Dan Street. The restaurant is small but cozy. The daily rice menu consists of rice, some types of noodles, vegetarian pho with relatively soft price ranging from 25,000 to 30,000. Of which, 25,000 pieces of rice here have up to 8 dishes.

In addition to the regular rice dishes, get reservations, there are also more vegetarian pizza that is a bit more expensive. A pizza of 80,000 VND is enough for 2-3 people.

Ha Thanh vegetarian food: They have nine years of experience cooking vegetarian rice and vegetarian food. So eveny they stay in a small alley on the Kim Ma Street, vegetarian Ha Thanh is still trusted by many people. Every day, the restaurant selling rice, rice buffet with many strange flavor. A portion of rice at the restaurant is from 30,000 to 50,000. The dishes are well cooked, and the whole rice is tasty. Vegan Pho Hanoi

Vegetarianism Restaurant: This vegetarian lunch restaurant on Kim Ma Street has been there for more than 10 years. The restaurant serves all kinds of vegetarian rice including rice, rice dishes with extremely rich menu, full of European and Asian dishes. Price range from 30,000 to 70,000 VND.

vegan Pho Hanoi

Besides vegetarian, Khai Tuong also has a hot pot menu with mushroom hot pot, porridge hot pot with price from 250,000 dong a pot.

Vien Nha: This vegetarian restaurant serves buffet lunch at noon. Price for a rice bowl here is 40,000 VND, with about 10 dishes for customers to choose their favorite. A special feature of Vien Nha vegetarian rice is that the food is accompanied by fruit and tea dessert. The store is located on Thai Ha street, with a capacity of about 50 people.

An Phuc: With the age of about 5 years, the restaurant is a familiar address of vegetarians in Dong Da area, Thanh Xuan. Vegan Pho Hanoi Menu of An Phu is also varied with enough rice, hot pot, noodles. In there, a bowl of rice prices have two levels 35,000 to 45,000. There are usually 7 to 9 accompanying dishes. The shop is located in a large alley on Thai Ha street.

vegan Pho Hanoi

Nang Tam: Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, it is one of the famous vegetarian restaurants and is popular with the office in Hanoi because of beautiful quiet space, reasonable price. The vegetarian dishes here are very well done so it is delicious. The price here is 60,000, 80,000 and 100,000 VND, which is considered quite good with many dishes. Besides the rice, the restaurant also has hot pot dishes, vegetarian pickles serve customers.

Guests are invited glass of milk tea from the Tibetan plateau, enjoy spring rolls, sip each grain of fried rice marinated in a sticky space in deep incense. Vegan Pho Hanoi

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