Unique things to do in Hanoi

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10 Unique things to do in Hanoi are the list of top best things we did in Hanoi.

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  1. Visiting early markets – Unique things to do in Hanoi

Quang Ba flower market and Long Bien market are two destinations tourists should pass once time when visiting Hanoi. The displayed goods here are flowers and food. The markets opens all the nights similar to Ho Thi Ky flower market in Saigon. Passing tow markets, there are not only sellers, buyers but tourists who want to explore a different view in special cultural value in Vietnam daily life. You don’t need to buy goods, only passing across these markets is an intriguing thing.

Passing Quang Ba flower market, an unusual thing to do in Hanoi

Passing Quang Ba flower market, an unusual thing to do in Hanoi

  1. Jogging along Hoan Kiem Lake

Triston Yeo, a famous photographer voted Hoan Kiem Lake as a wonderful thing when coming Hanoi. Tourists not only observe the alluring beauty of the nature but observe the daily habit of Hanoinans, which is doing exercises in either the summer or winter. You can walk around to enjoy the cool fresh air or take a rest to observe around or even involve in the crowd doing exercises or erobic. Unlike the morning in Saigon with the fast activities, a day in Hanoi starts gradually, peaceful but much meaningful.

The peace and tranquility of Hanoi at night

  1. Enjoying food in a street vendor

Street vendors are one of the unique features of Hanoi. Although these vendors are simple, it brings Hanoi spirit, making anyone living far from their hometown remember. Every one coming Hanoi is all surprised when lots of food are displayed in the streets from bowls of pho to fast food such as fermented pork roll, cheese sticks, even cuisines making the soul of Hanoi such as Thanh Tri banh cuon or bun cha. These food are sold in the narrow streets but their taste is very mouthwatering. Especially, you can pass by 36 streets of Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy these food.

The festive Hanoi Old Quarter

A food stall in Hanoi Old Quarter

  1. Viewing Hanoi from a high distance

Any city in the world seen from a high distance will bring a new feeling, Hanoi included. It is not a new way but bring a sense of excitement for everyone. Depending on time or selected place, you can observe the city in the daytime or at night. My recommendation is that you should try both ways in a similar place to see the differences.

West lake at sunset

  1. Wandering along Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter appears a lot in poets and songs praising the beauty of Hanoi. Therefore, it seems not strange when it is an attracting destination in Hanoi. Despite the chess style, not everyone can easily find the entrance way when entering here. Wandering along narrow alleys or passing by sourvenir stores will be amazing experience for tourists. If you feel tired, find a coffee shop located on the balcony of an ancient house to observe the bustle and hustle of life and sip a flavored cup of coffee. Hanoi is also note for lemon tea. Don’t miss this chance if you can visit Hanoi!

The peace and tranquility of Hanoi at night

The festive Hanoi Old Quarter

  1. Watching sunset in West Lake

Located in the south west of Hanoi, West Lake is a popular place of interest besides Hoan Kiem Lake. Many people come here to enjoy the unique specialty which can only be found in here and immersed themselves in the large and peaceful space. Especially in the afternoon, West Lake becomes fanciful in the yellow color of the sunset. Tourists can stop by here to capture impressive pictures.

West lake at sunset

  1. Exploring Hanoi by bus

Beside e-bikes and cyclos, bus is the next vehicle that tourists should try at least one time when setting your foot on Hanoi. Bus not only has a cheap price but appeals tourists thanks to its various itinerary, passing almost all famous destinations of Hanoi. With two colors: red and yellow, bus also contributes to be the spotlight for your pictures. Especially, going by bus in Hanoi is not as crowded as in Saigon. If visiting Hanoi, don’t miss buses which take you to everywhere!

  1. Joining the flag lowering ceremony in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

If you can’t wake up early to join flag raising ceremony, you can take part in flag lowering one which takes place in 9 am every day. It is a noble activity that both domestic and foreign tourists, especially Hanoians long to. These activities in Ba Dinh Square all stops when the loudspeaker announces about the forthcoming flag lowering ceremony. Most tourists feel surprised when observing locals keeping silent and watching the flag lowering. It is one of the most solemn activities that Hanoians hope for.

  1. Walking across Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is a historical witness of Hanoi. If you have ever heard about Hanoi, you may know this bridge. It is a popular destination of many tourists when coming here. Built in 1898, Long Bien bridge has three lanes with the middle lane spent for train. Bring an ancient and outstanding beauty, this bridge has become an inspiration in lots of works of both foreign and domestic artists. Visiting Hanoi, you can try walking in Long Bien bridge in the early morning or afternoon. It will definitely an intriguing and unforgettable memory.

Long Bien bridge at sunset

Long Bien bridge at sunset

  1. Walking at Hanoi nights

In the daytime, Hanoi is a festive and vibrant city but Hanoi at night is a completely different image. The streets full of color of stores is replaced by the peace, crowded centers seems to have a rare tranquility. It appears to be the ideal time for those who love the peace and tranquility to feel the special charm of Hanoi. Tourists can wander along the narrow streets or visit these places which you visit in the daytime to enjoy a different space of Hanoi.

The peace and tranquility of Hanoi at night

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