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If you are looking to find a Hanoi coffee shop where you savour a cup of coffee and, enjoy the sun and chat with friends, then try to visit 3 nostalgic coffee shops be introduced later.
Coffee shop located in the house numbered 174 on Quan Thanh Street is a nice place for groups, couples or someone who like simple things.
Coffee shop No.174 Quan Thanh does not hang photos on the wall and does not open music. Although it is not completely nostalgic style, all the furniture is made of bamboo: bamboo tables, bamboo chairs, bamboo blinds, and even vase of flowers. You will feel surrounded by bamboo and its characteristic brown color when first arriving.
The coffee shop has two styles of space: outdoor and indoor. If you like the warmth of the yellow light, you should choose to sit in the house. And if you want to enjoy the fresh air and slightly noisy, the outside is the best.

hanoi coffee
Address: No. 174 Quán Thánh street, Ba Đình district.
Prices: 15.000đ – 35.000 vnđ
Opening hours: 08:00 – 23:30

Cu Xa Coffee House (Khuong Thuong, Dong Da)

Cu Xa coffee house are known as nice place for someone who like savouring a cup of coffee and indulge themselves in a nostalgic space full of items that date back decades. Located deep in the Khuong Thuong dormitory, the space of coffee house is quite wide, there are many separate sitting areas, but it is often full table.
Cu Xa coffee house is a classic difficult-to-find Vietnamese coffee with delicious fruit teas and minimal, traditional decor.

The coffee shop offers a reasonable space, comfortable, quiet even though the street is busy, crowded.

Address: Floor 2, A11 Tap The Khuong Thuong, Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Hanoi
Prices: 10.000đ – 35.000 VND
Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:30
Store No 247 – Coffee Shop  (Van Quan, Ha Dong)
Located in Van Quan urban area, Ha Dong, Store No. 247 will be hard to find if it is the first time you come here. But once you’ve stepped into the simple brown wood door, you will no longer want to leave. With the style décor of the 90s, it is nostalgic, quiet and warm but It does not cause a sense of sultry and clutter.

The coffee house is very spacious. It is easy to check-in comfortably and take pictures without fear of being looked at. The shop is also open early in the morning (7am), so if you want to have a good weekend with a nice cup of Hanoi coffee, Store No 247 Coffee shop is not a bad choice at all.
Address: No. 18 – TT11B Van Quan street, Ha Dong district
Prices: 20.000đ – 60.000đ
Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:30

Cong café

They have 17 branches in Hanoi and I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen this cafe (or might have been here already) at least once passing by on the street. For those who have not been here yet, Cong Caphe is decorated with communist decors and Vietnam war trinkets. Depending on each branch there are usually several floors with plenty of seats. Hanoi coffee The interior consists of typical ceiling fans and the trade mark seems to be floral red cushion and old wooden war chests. The place has nice idiosyncratic atmosphere with their workers wearing army-like clothes. The crowd is mainly comprised of young and artsy Vietnamese academic types. Cong Caphe really is a perfect place to hangout an afternoon with friends. What I would recommend having here is their Coconut Coffee Shake. Coconut Coffee Shake is a mixture of coffee with condensed milk concoction and a scoop of coconut ice cream sitting on top. There are basic beverages to enjoy too. If you’ve got time this week, try out Cong Caphe!

hanoi coffee
Cong Ca Phe

Hanoi House: (47 Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi) Located opposite to the famous Cathedral in Hanoi, this Hanoi cafe has one of the best locations in the town center. The shop serves varied traditional Hanoi coffee of Vietnam. The small cozy place is well decorated with beautiful pieces of arts all over from the ceiling to its tiled floor.

Loading T: (8 Chan Cam, Hang Trong) Loading T is located in a second floor of a former French colonial building in Hanoi Old Quarter. From the retro tiles, red brick walls to the unique furniture, every corner of this cafe worth an Instagram moment. Besides egg coffee, the shop also serves the other outstanding drinks including the special cinnamon Hanoi coffee.

hanoi coffee
Loading T Coffee Shop

Nhà Sàn: (462 lane, Buoi Str) Staying away from the noisy urban areas, Nha San is an ideal place for you to sit with a combination of visiting the Ethnology Museum that is located nearby. Converted from a traditional house on stilts of Thai ethnic people in Northern Vietnam, this place is spacious and stylish, a great place to enjoy a Hanoi coffee both in the winter and summer time. Regular art event, live music, exhibitions are organised here as well.

Egg coffee

Bun Cha Hanoi



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