Halong Bay Backpackers – Things to remember before travelling

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Experiences of travelling for Halong Bay backpackers.

Ha Long is an interesting and attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This place is blessed by nature, offering fresh and cool air, especially the majestic beauty of heaven and earth, the water of Ha Long. Therefore, it is rated as the most ideal travelling place by Halong Bay backpackers.

Halong Bay Backpackers - The beautiful scene of Halong Bay
The beautiful scene of Halong Bay

1. How Halong Bay backpackers transport?

The distance from Ha Noi to Ha Long is about 170 km, in which there are many luxury car beds and comfortable to Ha Long Bay for backpackers. Some reputable Ha Long Expresses such as KumHo, Ha long Express, Hoang Long … cost about 100.000 VND per person for Halong Bay cruise for backpackers, these are the best options for you. If you travel with a large number of people, you should rent a car to take the initiative in time and transportation.

With many young people, Halong bay backpackers can go there by motorcycle. Halong bay cruise for backpackers is convenient, but you have to make sure you get a good and stable. Halong bay cruise for backpackers by motorbike is also great, you can explore many places on the roadmap and take initiative in time for yourself.

Halong Bay Backpackers - Halong bay backpackers travelling with motorcycle
Halong bay backpackers travelling with motorcycle

So, depending on Halong bay backpackers’ condition, Halong bay backpackers can choose the most suitable means to visit this beautiful coastal city!

2. Some essential tips of Halong bay cruise for backpackers to prepare

Going to Ha Long Bay on sunny days, it is best to prepare yourself lotion, sunscreen to protect your skin.

Halong Bay Backpackers
Halong bay backpackers should prepare sunscreen to protect your skin

Because sandy beaches, high shoe or sneakers are difficult to navigate, it is important to have lightweight treads for easy access.

Halong Bay Backpackers
Wearing comfy is one tip for Halong bay cruise for backpackers

You need to prepare your hat and sunglasses to avoid sun exposure. Moreover, it is eye-catching fashion for sea trips.

Halong Bay Backpackers
Hats and sunglasses to avoid sun exposure

You can bring your toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel … if you do not want to use the hotel.

Halong Bay Backpackers
One of the tips to well-prepared for the whole Halong bay cruise for backpackers

Take a camera to record your best moments here.

Halong Bay Backpackers
Halong bay backpackers record the best moments

Go to the sea, you cannot bring your swimwear, you choose the best bathing suit to go to Ha Long. However, to Ha Long you can rent items from 25,000 to 50,000 VND / set

Note: When visiting Ha Long, there are some taxi companies you should know to facilitate travel: Taxi 886 – Mong Cai (033. 886 886); Ha Long (033. 62 62 62); Hon Gai (033. 84 84 84); Mai Linh (033. 628 628) …

3. Boat tickets to Ha Long Bay and transport tickets in Halong tips of Halong bay cruise for backpackers.

The boat trip to the bay is also very reasonable and there are many types of boats for visitors to visit, fare to visit about 4 hours from 100,000 to 150,000 VND with couplers,

Tickets to the bay to visit about 120.000 VND / ticket, or tickets to the cave is 50,000 VND / ticket, fare is suitable for all visitors.

Traveling in Ha Long is also very diversified, tourists can hire taxis at an inexpensive price of only 10,000 VND / km, otherwise you can rent a motorbike to travel for convenience.

Fun activities – entertainment during Halong bay cruise for backpackers

Ha Long tourism you have a lot of places for entertainment:

You can go to Tuan Chau island for swimming and sightseeing by hiking or taxis. On Tuan Chau enjoy activities such as whale watching with the price of 80,000 VND per person.

Halong Bay Backpackers
Tuan Chau island

Boat trips to the bay and visit the caves

Halong Bay Backpackers
Boat trips

Bai Chay bridge to visit, especially at night, Bai Chay bridge is very sparkling, fanciful. You can rent a lift to the bridge sightseeing, ticket price about 4000VNĐ. You can go cycling around Bai Chay area for VND100,000, for 200,000 VND for one hour.

You can have fun in Bai Chay bars

Halong Bay Backpackers
Bai Chay at night

Have fun at the Queen’s Cable Car and the Sun World Sun Ring. Tickets for adults are 300,000 VND / ticket and children from 1m -1.3m are 200,000 VND / ticket, children under 1m are free.

You can hang out on the streets of Halong to choose the souvenir items such as: bracelet, wind bell, clothes …. Before buying, you should pay the price and check the weight and quality of the goods before buying.

Halong Bay Backpackers

In addition to the beautiful islands, Ha Long also attract tourists with ancient cave system, fancy and luxury. To Ha Long, you cannot ignore places such as Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Thien Cung Grotto … these are famous caves with ancient architecture attached to the history of Our nation. Exploring the cave system in Ha Long is especially attractive to visitors, where this will give you the feeling of touching the mysterious, unique and strange labyrinth.

4. Hotel / guest house system in Ha Long

Around Ha Long tourism is a system of guest houses, dense and rich. You can choose for yourself a suitable accommodation, suited to your conditions. The room rate here is also very reasonable and reasonable special quality so guests will be extremely comfortable and comfortable!

Halong Bay Backpackers
Halong hotels

3-star hotels in Halong usually have a ticket price of 475,000 dong per day. To rent a hotel at a cheaper price, you should go to Halong at the beginning or midweek. On weekends, public holidays, usually crowded and rooms will run out or prices increase compared to weekdays

Room rates here range from 150,000 – 300,000 VND / night, very reasonable for tourists and suitable for everyone

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