Does bali have sharks?

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Diving in Gili Trawangan, Bali and Lombok

The Gili islands, off the great Lombok, is a paradise apart from all that may be encountered in Indonesia. Place of relaxation, a place where youth partying at night and enjoy the pleasures on sea days, the island of Gili Trawangan, the largest of Gili, is a haven of peace without motor vehicle where one travels by bike and carriage.

How to get there?

In addition to the classic plan is to fly to the airport of Mataram on Lombok, then request a transfer to your hotel to go to the islands, we have recently experienced the Gili Cat. The speedboat from the port of Padangabai east of Bali and two hours takes you to Gili Trawangan. It is a good option to combine Bali and Lombok cost.


Many sites can be visited around the Gili and diversity of di can see many beautiful things underwater. Sharks and turtles can still be seen fairly regularly, not including cuttlefish and stripes with blue spots, and you can also enjoy the macro well represented on the three islands.

The dives are fairly easy, with little current times, but there is no danger for beginner divers who will find their account.

Dive with Gangga are different, we believe the club the most serious of the island. Good rental equipment, knowledgeable guides and safe sites, good boats, all conditions are met for the dive takes place under optimum conditions.


To dive with Gangga Divers, it is best to stay at Villa Almarik. This small hotel located on the eastern part of Trawangan is a bit isolated from the shopping area of the island, which can be quiet, away from crowds. A bike rental company near the hotel you will enjoy both the tranquility of the Villa Almarik and restaurants, clubs and bars, a few pedal strokes, are not too far.

You’ll love the Almarik Villa, nestled in lush tropical garden of flowers and a well-maintained. You might also like this place for the comfort of spacious and well designed for its courteous and helpful staff and a restaurant with Italian specialties. Nice little pool outside the hotel and, crossing the road, a nice little beach will give you the opportunity to bask in the sun with a beautiful view of Bali and Lombok.

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