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In the country where “June is hot as fire is burning, December wind as storm is coming, autumn is like a paradise in the city and spring is like in heaven”, we have food depending on the seasons.  In the cool summer weather,  36 streets of Hanoi see the changes of trees and animals. The leaves are green and bring the feeling of fresh. In such weather, they need something to eat while talking. That something is Com Hanoi. In the previous article, we have mentioned Bun Cha Hanoi, and now let us talk about the subtle but delicate gift of the land of Ha: Com Lang Vong.

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com hanoi

Gift of the fall

Since when Com has existed, no one knows. People just know that every step of the collection, small streets, streets of Hanoi appear in quietness and silence, with the green grass food that tastes yummy. Referring to Hanoi is referring to Com Lang Vong, the same writer Thach Lam praised all the words in his poetry “blue color of rice. Com Lang Vong is the blue color than the blue jade” or “the green”. The dried lotus leaf is still not crisp and the nut is still fresh as a soft tender offer.

Not only Hanoi, there are Coms throughout our country. It is the essence of glutinous rice grain. There are Com in the southern part, Com Me Tri and so on. But people of famous cities say, for years, still only the young blue color of the Com Lang Vong is the best.

Ha Noi people can enjoy noodles, coffee or other dishes all year long. Nevertheless, the Com of Hanoi only falls in August, September and October.

How to make Com Lang Vong: From a young grain in the field, until the fresh cereal wrapped in fragrant lotus leaf. When green seeds appear, they finish first stage. The best type of rice is sticky rice, which must be selected when the grain is still milk (fresh cereal). Then, the rice will be finely pounded, then roasted, roasted, ready to bleach and bring to the sun, .. Package of nuggets must wrap in green lotus leaf, tie sticky rice, then get up the grainy taste of grain com. The most delicious golden sticky rice is in the mid-autumn (August lunar year), when the lotus season has reached the end of the season, the lotus leaf is also darker.

com hanoi

Where can you buy Com Lang Vong?

In the past, the Com Hanoi only sold in Hang Duong, Hang Than, Hang Can or Hanoi Old Quarter. Now, although there are around the capital, but people still have the habit of right up the road to buy a good grain.

Eating Com Hanoi is also an art. No one eats a lot of time. Each meal people only eat a small handful. When eating, you must chew carefully to feel the fullness of the aromatic flavor of cereal. Only a gift package beige, but it contains the sky collection Hanoi. The habit of this season is to eat a pinch of green Com Hanoi, hovering around the old town.

Now, even though every family has a fridge, it is easy to make the Com hard and dry and eat solid rice. Therefore, if you buy grain, you should buy in the morning, the grain will be best.

com hanoi

In the past, people often eat with Com Hanoi with egg (the white part) or red roses to add flavor. Today, Com Hanoi has appeared in many dishes of Vietnamese variety. Coming in mid-autumn, you can try the noodles, rice crackers. However, it should be noted that because of the very flexible noodles it is difficult to cut straight and beautiful, and the taste is great.
If you want to eat fried rice, you should try fried rice cake also. The good combination of nut, glutinous rice, green beans, grapefruit fragrances created the cake with the green color of the com the sweet and soft. This dish often appears in the casket or gift when visiting Hanoi.

Wanting to appear on a daily meal, we have a dish of fried rice and fried rice or rice noodle. Com Hanoi has a unique taste and plays an important role in Vietnamese culture. Com Lang Vong will also contribute in the lives of the people of Hanoi to thousands of years later.

Fall Hanoi not only has noodles, but also many other good gifts. These are the salty ripe pickles, or the bowl of drifting wheels for hot days, wind.

Beginning in the 8th lunar month, it is also possible for people to eat fresh rice and rice noodles from Hanoi. There are few recipes from Com Lang Vong ancestors that people know and remember, even though many people have never heard the name.

Ms. Thanh Ha (Dong Da District, Ha Noi) has been looking forward to the long season. “I just wait for the season to come to eat new rice noodle. Every day you cook, otherwise buy. Most prefer to go up to buy in the market on Tran Xuan Soan Street. Otherwise, the purchase of street vendors are also, but not like, “said Ms. Thanh Ha. Sticky noodles are rice noodles, mixed with green beans, lotus seeds and coconut cakes. Slightly sweet and very fragrant fresh com. This season, in Hanoi, sticky rice is 200 thousand / kg. It is sometimes cheaper, depending on the grain quality and the “padding” of beans and lotus seeds into the cereal. We can say that prices are also available. However, sticky rice in the morning market is still high.

com hanoi

Together with rice noodle village, rice cake has become a specialty of Hanoi for a long time. Bakery of No 1, Dinh Liet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi is where you can choose to eat fresh rice crackers when it comes to the season. The price of rice cake varies from 6-12 thousand VND depending on the size and type of box. However, if you do not need the momentum just eat small cake about 6 thousand is. The most famous is still Ninh Huong Cake at 22 Hang Dieu with new cake continuously. Delicately scented noodles.

But in the season should eat fried rice than fried rice. Sautéed potatoes are made of fresh cereal for a different taste. The price is usually about 20 thousand / fried noodles. The fried noodles can be fried in a variety of ways, with sugar, with coconut milk, with or without added vanilla. However, fried noodles also have a slight coconut flavor on the background of the main grain. Sautéed sausages are just over half a liter in Tea 36 on Ngo Thi Nham Street. Le Van Huu’s cut is so delicious, so fragrant.

Stir Fried in Ninh Huong 22 Hang Dieu is also delicious and suitable to take away gifts, but 15 thousand baby pieces. Sautéed pork is also honored in the tea … in the row of tea in 1976 Lane 72 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. This is also the place to sell the most expensive tea, up to 50 thousand / cup. In each cup of tea there is a small piece of fried noodles delicious life.

Season of noodles is also the mid-autumn season to honor more cakes, rice nuggets. Although there are many moon cake to sell this dish, but the best is still Gia Trinh cake 16A Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The top of the cake is extremely smooth and has a high ductility. However, due to the plasticity of the grains, the shape of the plastic cake is thin and the cutting is hard. Plastic cake and grilled coil are priced at 125,000 a 500 g.

Congenital noodles are also a unique feature of the dish from nuggets. The difficulty of the rice crackers is how to cook the bread crumbs without distorting the grain. With very easy to absorb water, it is difficult to make high, shaping rice cake is difficult. It is possible to place the rice noodle in Hang Than – the capital of rice cake, but delicious reputation is the rice cake of Madame Nhung at 8 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Her cake has a whole grain form after peeling, stretching and high. The thick flavor of the meat is absorbed in the grain of rice cake and bright yellow beans, which makes eating unforgettable. This season, almost once every two days, they come to buy the rice cake. Cakes are placed and fired continuously.

com hanoi

It is a delicious dish from the Com Lang VOng but the dish is fried. Dice are sold in pieces, or weight, from 150 – 240 thousand VND / kg. Price difference is so great because of the quality of raw materials, old or young nuggets, pork to make delicious or bad. There are “number” in Hanoi, there are no chips of Quoc Huong House, 9 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Another good fried rice is Vinh Thu restaurant at 14 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. Vinh Thu cereal also has two types: grains of cereal eat miles – lighter for the baby to eat and type for adults.

There is a dish very few people know . It is rolls of cereal. It is very similar to fried noodles but it has filamentous flesh. This little cake now has very few Hanoians know and remember. Aromatic Com Hanoi, Com Lang Vong, dipped in the tasty flavor and fall feeling. The dish makes your season atmosphere finished. The boldness of meat “brakes” reduce the sweetness of sugar, which makes the dish eat more. This dish can only be booked at Anh Tuyet Restaurant 22-25 Ma May. Ms. Tuyet also only make this dish when the fresh season comes. However, want to eat this dish need to book by phone or Facebook page of the restaurant because not ready. The price is also high, about 30 thousand dong / 2 tael.

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