Coffee street | 5 famous coffee streets in Hanoi

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As 15000 travelers from  Hanoi Travel Agents, In Hanoi, Sai gon, Danang or anywhere in Vietnam, coffee has becoming an important part in life of each person. A cup of coffee is not only help us active but also make us feel relaxing. The coffee street is famous for coffee shops, which is a good place to show culture of drinking coffee of Hanoians. Here are five famous coffee streets in Hanoi.

  1. Trieu Viet Vuong
    coffee street

People who love coffee have to know about Trieu Viet Vuong Street in which has Thai, Tho and many other coffee shops gather. The coffee here has an unique taste. Every visitor recommends coffee here as best coffee in Vietnam.

Trieu Viet Vuong itself is street for people like the nostalgic coffee because it is the place where the present meet and combine with the past. This corner is the modern shop. The other corner is a wall of gold peeling paint and ancient trees. Anyone who loves coffee, both old and young people can find out a peaceful space in there.

If you come to Hanoi, surely you couldn’t miss Trieu Viet Vuong street. This street is just wonderful place for your trip and coffee street.

2. Thai Phien – Le Dai Hanh
coffee street

Different to nostalgic coffee style of Trieu Viet Vuong street, coffee in Thai Phien street is a style coffee street for officers. They don’t have much time to coffee, besides take advantage of a little time in morning or breaking time or time after finish working day, it is only 20-30 minutes a day.

However, sitting down in street corner to drink coffee makes they feel more relax and comfortable than sitting in coffee house. If you want to see teen style, you can sit down on the opposite Vincom central corner. If you want to look at street with busy people or empty wall, you can sit down near Le Dai Hanh Street. That is enough for officers to find pleasant to go to the company.

Otherwise, you can spend a whole day staying here. You have time to watch people, observe life pace and understand Vietnamese culture.

3. Nguyen Huu Huan

coffee street

Nguyen Huu Huan is also a coffee street that anyone who loves coffee will come when visiting Hanoi. From the beginning to the end of the coffee street, you will be lost in a cafe paradise. There is a lot of space for young people, such as: Inn coffee, Jamocha….If you want to feel the taste of taste of Hanoi coffee, let’s go Lam, Giang or Hanh coffee. And definitely, let’s go to the tiny alley at the beginning of the street, to find out and try the famous egg coffee. At that time, you will feel that Hanoi is changing day by day, but the taste and soul of Hanoi is still kept in that corners.

4. Lý Thường Kiệt

coffee street
There are not many coffee shops like Nguyen Huu Huan or Thai Phien but Hanoians often go to Ly Thuong Kiet street to drink coffee in their free time. The beautiful street with wide sidewalks and big green trees is a paradise for peaceful soul. Cong coffee house here is beautiful, nostalgic, and suitable for someone who like the attentive and charming space. Tonkin or Tuyet coffee street shop here is a nice place where you can sit down to see the street and drink a cup of coffee under sunshine of the winter. All of them are well-known places, with comfortable seats and beautiful views, they will be the best choice for relaxing weekends.

  1. Ho Dac Di
    coffee street Hanoians love cafe, everyone knows about that. Hanoians love football, that is undeniable truth. When the two greatest passions find each other, we have Ho Dac Di coffee street. In the day, when visiting here, you maybe only see the street with many kind of chairs and tables. In the night, it becomes a completely different place, especially, if there is football match, this becomes the stadium with big projectors and football fans. At this time, Ho Dac Di street is not only a place where has many coffee shops, but it also has become the gathering place of mini football clubs to meet each other and live with their passions

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