Cha Ca La Vong

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Cha Ca La Vong has always been the best dish of Hanoi. If you want to try “ Cha Ca La Vong” real-cheap-best ingredient, you have to think about these restaurants which are in La Vong cuisine chain.

Chả Cá Lã Vọng  – grilled fish – Enjoying one of the best food in Ha Noi at La Vong restaurants.

cha ca la vong

Thousand year capital Culinary bring in their elegance and rich taste different. Talking about Ha Noi cuisine, it is easy to mention dishes that are familiar too: phở, bun cha, noodle ladle, rolls, … One can not ignore the name: Cha ca la vong, and one of the best restaurant chains serving fried fish in Ha Noi is the La Vong cuisine chain.
Cha ca La Vong is famous in the La Vong cuisine chain

  1. History of name “ Cha ca la Vong”

No one knew, since when, Cha Ca La Vong became the famous dish everywhere nowadays. There is an anecdote from the long time ago that: French colonial period, at 14 Hang Son street, there was a family who helped De Tham insurgent army to live. When someone visited them, they served the guests with very good grilled chopped fish. Little by little, grilled chopped fish taste became popular. Their guests helped the family to open a  shop to sell this special dish, the family live by this shop and also reunion was held here.
Atmosphere inside La Vong restaurant remind the story about name of Cha ca la vong origin.

cha ca la vong

There is a different thing that there is always statue of “La Vong ( Khuong Tu Nha), is fishing”   inside restaurant, he is symbol of intelligent one but have to wait right period. So that the customers call Cha Ca La Vong. With La Vong restaurant chain, you can see the same picture like this. Staying inside big place, a lot of trees but luxury and beautiful to have grilled chopped fish from past of Ha Noi.

Visit La Vong restaurant or “ Quan La Vong “ ( in La Vong chain) You can see statue of “La Vong ( Khuong Tu Nha), is fishing like this:

  1. Ingredient for Cha Ca La vong

With normal restaurant or cook at home, you can choose mudfish, snake-head to do. However, Mudfish is too friable, snake-head is with many small bones, the grilled chopped fish will be less delicious. To have good disk to serve customers, La vong restaurants only use Hemibagrus – little bit bones, sweet meat, good smell.
Fresh Hemibagrus – Best ingredient to be used for Cha Ca La Vong always at La Vong Restaurant.cha ca la vong

The glass fish pool outside La Vong restaurants or fish pool inside La Vong Ho Roc Von … is the place where Hemibagrus live – Best ingredient to be used for Cha Ca La Vong

  1. Recipes make the most delicious Cha Ca La Vong. In addition, the recipe to make Cha Ca La Vong at La Vong restaurant is very sophisticated and it includes many steps such as remove bone of fish and marinated. To make fish fry, the chef must carefully filter all meat of fish. Then fish marinate with various spices including galangal, gravy, turmeric, pepper, fish sauce.

Fish marinate for at least 2 hours and then put on grill. It has to turn two sides until fish done to a turn with yellow.

cha ca la vong

  1. How to eat Cha Ca La Vong:

To enjoy Cha Ca La Vong, it must eat when it is hot. When eating, we use a small pan, put the pan on the fire to cook. When eaten in this way, customer will feel the sweetness of fish pouring sauce.

  1. Where to find the best Chả Cá Lã Vọng?

The following is the address of the restaurants of La Vong cuisine system where you can find the best La Vong grilled fish. Most of restaurant with its large area and beautiful space, parking lot more than 1000 units and many other utilities, the This address can simultaneously serve 100-300 diners enjoy La Vong Cha Ca restaurant, where it is suitable for small family party, banquet party to big company:
1 – La Vong Seafood Restaurant – 2A Nguyen Thi Thap street, Trung Hoa hamlet, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi
2 – La Vong Beer World Restaurant – 169 Hoang Ngan street, Trung Hoa hamlet, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi
3 – La Vong Fish Restaurant – 2A Hoang Cau street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi
4 – La Vong Ho Roc Von restaurant – QL 12, Phu Cat, Quoc Oai district, Ha Noi
Welcome to enjoy Cha Ca La Vong.Contact us to book early, you also get more coupon. Call us through the hotline to receive more gifts:
Hotline: 1900.58.58.36 – 0903.298.456 – 0926.53.3456

cha ca la vong

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